Google will rank mobile-friendly sites higher in search results

Is your website mobile friendly?

Google will rank mobile-friendly sites higher in search results

21:37 20 April in Information, News

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The change, announced in February, means websites not currently optimized for variously sized mobile devices will be buried under an avalanche of results, while mobile-friendly sites rocket to the top.  According to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test developer tool, mobile sites meet certain criteria like text size, amount of space between links, and whether content fits across a small screen.

“As many as 40% of top websites are not currently mobile friendly,” says Sterling. “There’s a big category of people who have completely ignored mobile.” Google says businesses with desktop-only sites will still appear in searches but they will be ranked lower then those tailored for mobile use.”As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns,” the company wrote in a blog post.

So what to do, if you haven’t gotten your website mobile-friendly yet?

Here are a number of steps:

• Check out your website and see if it passes the Google test. Google has a “Mobile-Friendly” test page in its developer section. Just type in the URL and see if it passes. The URL: If you pass, great, relax. If you don’t — read on.

• Get in touch with a local Webmaster (like Vector Web Designs) to farm out the work, which would probably make your mobile site look more like the original, main site for the computer.



Read more about “Mobilegeddon” here:

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