How to write a Google Review

How to write a Google Review

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The process to write a review takes only a few minutes.  This is your opportunity to let others know about the company you are reviewing.  Information provided by individuals who have first-hand knowledge is greatly appreciated by others who are making a decision to use or not use this company’s services.

How to write a Google review


How to write an effective Google review:

Name of the company
: Specific, simple, one or two word highlights you experienced, separated by commas
Cons: Same – don’t leave either of these out – every experience has both! Even if there’s no place to put them, jot them down so you have your thoughts in order.

Cover the basics. Time, date, etc. “On February 11th, I stopped by Tim’s Bakery on the corner of 12th and M streets for a sandwich. It was around 1:30pm, and I had hoped I’d missed the lunch crowd. I wasn’t expecting a line, but I definitely got one. The line at the lunch counter was about five people deep when I walked up and another five people were waiting to pay at the register, and there was only one person working in each spot. I had heard the place could get busy, but this was ridiculous.”

Information specific to your situation. Keep the rules above in mind, and tell the whole story, regardless of what the outcome was. “The housecleaning crew arrived on time, which was impressive considering I’d only made the appointment the same morning. The cleaner in charge came in first while the others got their equipment out of the truck, and went over the paperwork with me. She took a look around, and presented an estimate that was a bit higher than I was expecting. I pointed out that their dispatch told me that their services would be less than this, and showed her the email estimate I received. She explained that their dispatch service had calculated a rate based on a smaller house than mine, but said they could make it work with the lower price.

When I set up the appointment, I had a feeling the rep on the phone was busy, and didn’t hear me when I answered his questions, but I wasn’t about to pay for the mistake. I’ll keep it in mind next time I call their 1-800 number, but I’m really glad the people on the ground are flexible enough to make adjustments on the fly. That alone earned some respect.”

Now’s the time to make your conclusions, offer yourself up for commentary, and keep it classy. “Overall, my experience with the Roadrunner SuperFast 128GB SSD was positive. I was up and running within minutes of installing it, and the thing is much faster than the old WIL-E 128GB I had to return as defective. DriveShop was really helpful in getting me a shipping label and overnighting the replacement drive, but it was a shame I had to be so aggressive in letting them know it was urgent. If you’re shopping or a drive, I have no compaints about the Roadrunner SuperFast, it’s been performing well for me over the past week. The WIL-E model though could have been a one-off, or a systemic problem. I probably won’t buy the WIL-E again. If anyone has any questions about the Roadrunner though, leave a comment to my review and I’ll get back to you.”


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