Free Advertising for Your Business

Google My Business - Free Advertising

Free Advertising for Your Business

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Could your website handle more visitors? What if there was a tool that would drive more traffic to your website for less than the cost of one additional sale?  “Google My Business” is the tool that can drive that traffic to you.

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Small business owners know that marketing online is important. For many of them, this means setting up a few social media accounts and a website. But if you really want to reach your customers, you’ve got to go where they are: Google.

More than 80% of online searches are conducted via Google, and one out of every five of those searches is regarding a business or place. That’s where “Google My Business” comes in. It’s a service that allows the physical location of your business to be found on Google Maps, letting customers track you down more easily.

Google’s Search Engine Market Share by Platform

  • 79.88% – Google US Desktop Search Share
  • 94.53% – Google US Mobile Search Share
  • 85.82% – Google US Combined Search Share


If you don’t have your business listed on “Google My Business”, you need to put this on the top of your “to do” list immediately. It’s one of the best things you can do to expand your customer base.

What Are the Benefits of “Google My Business”?

  • It’s the new Yellow Pages
    • Gone are the days when people reached for a phone book if they needed a specific service. “Google My Business” serves as the Yellow Pages today, especially for local businesses. Even if you don’t have a website, customers can search for your category (e.g. plumber, bakery, or photographer) and see a list of local businesses in that field.
  • You’re Easier to Find
    • When your business is listed with Google Maps, your exact address and location is given to customers. They don’t have to wade through the “contact us” section of a website or click through your Facebook profile to find out where you are. If customers are searching using their mobile device, Google Maps includes GPS navigation, providing turn-by-turn directions to your door.
  • It’s Free Advertising
    • What’s the only thing better than advertising for a small business? Free advertising! And that’s what you’re getting with “Google My Business”. Even if your small business does have a budget for advertising, it’s likely not large. Take advantage of everything you can, and advertise to customers in your area for no charge.

What Is Needed to Get Started?

  • Business Name / Address / Phone Number
  • Business Summary
  • Provide a clear, concise summary of your business. Keep it short. A sentence or two will work. Use descriptive words that paint a picture for your customers. A lot of small businesses enter bland sentences like, “We’re a coffee shop.” Don’t waste the space. It’s prime marketing real estate.
  • Images and Videos
  • You can have up to 10 images and five videos. Again, this is free advertising, so make the most of it! Include pictures of the outside of your establishment so visitors know exactly what they’re looking for when trying to find you.
    • Identify photos. These photos include your profile picture and logo.
    • Interior photos. Shots inside your store or business.
    • Exterior photos. Shots of your building.
    • Photos at work. Pictures that represent what you do.
    • Team photos. Pictures of you and your employees.

What to do after your business is setup with “Google My Business”?

  • Encourage Customer Reviews
  • If you have satisfied customers, ask them to share their experiences and rate your services on “Google My Business”. It seems simple, but a better rating truly will attract more customers in a big way. Make sure you have genuine reviews, though. If you have reviews that Google thinks aren’t authentic, or it appears that you’re simply soliciting reviews for a higher rating, your listing could actually be pushed down.
  • It is good practice to respond to all reviews, good and especially bad.

Don’t miss out on potential clients!

Four out of five consumers conduct local searches on search engines to try and find the right business to meet their needs. “Google My Business” can connect your business with customers on the other end of those searches. With just a small investment, we can create a great way to attract those customers.

What does it cost?

There is a one-time charge of $54.99 to have Vector Web Designs set this up.

Contact us now, the sooner we get you setup the sooner you will be found on “Google My Business”.
It could take up to 3 weeks for your business information to be displayed.

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